Western Kenya

Mount Elgon National Park
For an excellent climbing and trekking opportunities, Mount Elgon National Park is the right place to start. With no need of special climbing gear, one can hike to the peak of Koitobos within 2hours. The Mt. Elgon National Park is a habitat to elephants, buffalo, leopard and several monkey species, various types of antelopes and over 240 species of birds.

Mt. Elgon is recognized as the second tallest mountain, with a height of 4,321-m, it is a wild and intact wilderness with breath taking scenery of cliffs, caves, waterfalls, gorges and impressive mountain peaks.
The vegetation varies with change in altitude; the lower slopes feature thick-canopied forests of giant Elgon teak and cedar trees, while higher altitudes support bamboo zones, tussock grasslands, heath moorlands and unusual vegetation such as the giant lobelia.

Ruma National ParkRuma National Park Safari, tour Kisumu, L.Victoria freshwater, fish Nile perch,Ndere Island
If you love the environment then Kakamega Forest National Reserve a 45sq-km reserve is a must visit destination. Been the only tropical forest left in Kenya, it is a swath of beautiful rainforest in the heart of an intensively cultivated agricultural region. The forest features towering ancient hardwood trees, tangled vines and a dense and richly green forest floor of ferns and orchids. Its inhabitants are birds, Gabon vipers, insects, butterflies and small mammals not to mention the Hammer-headed Fruit Bat which is the largest in Africa.

Kakamega Forest National Park
If you want to see the roan antelope then, Ruma National Park is the place to go. A 120sq-km area is also a habitant to leopard, Rothschild’s giraffe, zebra and buffalo. The endangered blue swallow bird that migrates between Ruma National Park and southern Tanzania can also be found here.

Saiwa Swamp National Park
Not a lot of people have seen the rare semi aquatic sitatunga antelope distinguishable by its long splayed hooves adapted for walking through muddy vegetated swamp. It is in this 3sq-km national park where you will be able to see it. Saiwa swamp been the smallest in Kenya is also inhabited by De Brazza’s and black-and-white colobus monkeys, otter, bushbuck and grey duiker.

Lake Victoria
Lake Victoria is Africa’s largest fresh water lake serving some 30 million people living in the lakeside communities. With an area of 68,800sq-km it borders Kenya to the East, Tanzania to the South West and Uganda to the West. It once had abundant hippo and crocodiles but their numbers have reduced over the years. It is named after the queen of the British explorer John Hanning Speke in 1858.

Mfangano Island
With its ragged terrain covered with fig trees, Mfangano Island is the largest of Lake Victoria’s islands in Kenya. An offer hang here has cave paintings of white and reddish spirals thought to be 1,000-4,000 years old, and have been traced back to Twa pygmies from the Congo Basin who are believed to have sheltered in this cave. The Twa believed that the paintings invoked rain.

Rusinga Islandtour fishing safari,mfangano tour island, rusinga safari tour lake victoria,Nile
On this island one can see a population of lizards, spotted-neck otter, hippo and over 100 species of birds. This is also the resting place of Tom Mboya a leading politician during Kenya’s fight for independence. Rusinga Island is attached to the land by a causeway; it is a peaceful island a home to fishing settlements and a luxurious Rusinga Island Lodge. I fishing is your hobby or sport, then make sure you visit Rusinga Island.