Northern Kenya

Tour Northern Kenya, Lake Turkana and Samburu-Bufallo-Springs ,The Leakey Family

This is Kenya’s wilderness, with an uncompromising desert landscape of scrubland and rocky plains it is home to some of East Africa’s most charismatic pastoral tribes. Here about 2.5 million years ago is suggested that hominids inhabited the area as there has been discoveries of fossils near Lake Turkana.
The thrilling unpredictable journey plus the Samburu, Turkana and Borana make it one of the best epic journeys to Kenya’s dry lands.

Samburu -Buffalo Springs-Shaba National Park
In a protected 440sq-km, happens to be one of the best places to spot the big five. It is also a reserve probably providing the best chance to spot a leopard in Kenya. The ecology is defined by the contrasting habitats of riverine forest along the “Ewaso Nyiro” and austere acacia scrub and rocky slopes extending outward from it.Gerenuk,Ewaso Nyiro,Tour Samburu People,tour Leakey Family, Tour chalbi desert
Other mammals to be found in Samburu-Buffalo Springs-Shaba National Park include Beisa Oryx and gerenuk, a long list of birds of which the cobalt chested vulturine guinea fowl is the most particular.
It is in Shaba National reserve where a resident lioness adopted a succession of half a dozen Oryx calves over a period of 2-years. The locals have great revelations about their lives and what goes on in the park.

Lake Turkana
Lake Turkana situated in Northern Kenya is the largest alkaline lake in the world. Covering an area of 6,400 sq-km, Turkana lie in a barren hinterland of volcanic rock swept by a brutally incessant dry southeaster. Lovers of crocodile can visit the central island National Park located in the lake. There are three crater lakes, which are the main breeding site for Turkana’s crocodiles. The crocodile population is around 15,000 to 20,000.
Lake Turkana has no outlet thus the alkaline water though drinkable is saturated with algae, giving it a blue-green shade.