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Game Drive Safaris-The Wildlife Decor in National Parks and Reserves
Ballooning, the Best African Safaris
What You Did not Know about Boating Wildlife Safari
The Hidden Side of African Wildlife Safaris - Dark Safari
On-foot Safari for Good Wildlife Photography
Golf in Kenya
Fishing on a Holiday Safari

Game Drive Safaris-The Wildlife Decor in National Parks and Reserves
One of the remaining places to spot wildlife animals with little or no human interference is in national parks and game reserves. These are vast lands protected by the government to preserve nature and its inhabitants. Many years back, it was difficult to visit these national parks and reserves due to poor terrain and luck of access to roads. Before these lands were announced as national parks and reserves, they used to be hunting grounds for the early man and were prone to destruction through farming activities and cutting down of trees.
Today, the situation has changed and people from all walks of life can tour these amazing places through game drive safaris, thanks to the development of accessible roads, trained wildlife wardens and experienced tour drivers who have mastered these lands for more than 60 years. The protection has resulted to increase of wildlife animals, bird species and the preservation of natural landscapes some of which date millions of years back attracting specialist in field such as Archeology, Ethnology, Ornithology, Botany and Zoology.
Van with open tops for game drive safaris, masai mara reserve game drive,
One of the best ways to exploit the wildlife animals is though game drive safari. A special van with a top opening provides a breath taking experience. It offers a chance to have a 360 degree ground view with little or no interference as there is ample room to stand increasing the ability to take still and accurate wildlife photography. Experienced tour drivers usually approach wildlife animals gently to avoid scaring the animals where they switch of the engines after picking a strategic position to comfortably admire the spotted animal.
A typical day on a game drive safari is structured around 3 to 5 hours game drive. The best time to go spot the wildlife animals is the morning hours and evening hours. To squeeze all the juice from the national park and reserves, picking a full day game drive safari is the better option as most lodges provide packed lunch. A full day out in the park ensures that there is time to drive deeper and extensively, this means looking out for a whole list of wildlife animals and taking some of the most memorable safari photographs ever.

Ballooning, The Best African Safaris
A balloon safari is an experience that can not be put in words. You have to try it to know what it’s all about.
It all starts in the very morning hours with a short briefing from experienced balloon pilots. A very important part which highlights what is expected during take off, landing and in flight. This is accompanied by bright lights from fire burners which give out a sound as that of large whales in the deep ocean. The fire burners blow hot air into the balloons lifting up the balloon gradually.

Shortly, all members’ board into the basket and it is not hard to see the excitement on the faces. During this morning hours, hardly anything is visible as it is still dark and the fire from the burners is the only source of light. In no time the balloon lifts up floating towards the open plains with the first light of the day appearing as far as the eyes can see across the horizon. But this is not all.
Balloon Safaris
A few seconds later, everyone is silent as the hot air balloon safari begins to unfold. Gracefully and silently floating in the air, a mesmerizing moment engulfs everyone on board as the golden rays of the sun rise over the undulating plains. These first few minutes are like a therapy to the spirit and soul. One can look at the sun purely with naked eyes, a large orange ball shinning over the plains rising elegantly, much better is with a clear sky, a presentation of nature’s spectacular moment. The fine photographs will be a reminder of a lifetime encounter in the African sun safaris.
As the pilot continues floating higher and inwards the plains, a perfect air view of the wildlife emerges, this is more exhilarating during the migration of wildebeest. The herbivores stroll majestically on the dew grass as they start a new day in search for grazing fields and more exciting is the possibility of taking excellent wildlife photography of the vast open plains filled with undisturbed wildlife animals.
The balloon safari will always be a surprise to anyone puts it in the list of to do in African safaris.
The ballooning game safari last approximately an hour’s time with a champagne breakfast in the bush after landing, mostly occasioned by on looking wildlife wondering who has just made that successfully landing.

What You Did not Know about Boating Wildlife Safari
What many people may not have known exists is boating safaris, an extra ordinary water safari which can bring you closer to the underwater life.
By choosing an excellent coastal line, it is possible to experience an underwater life that many only dream and think about.

The numerous glass bottom boats offer a good glimpse of the coral reefs below the water. It is also exciting to get closer by opting to snorkel or dive so as to come in contact with the marine life in the clear warm waters of the coast.
Boat safaris also offer lovely romantic experiences such as enjoying delicious seafood meals during sunsets.
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Also along the coast, the soft white sands and gentle sea breeze offers veritable playground for water sports and swimming with none health risks. Sports like jet skiing, sea-kayaking and rides on inflatable banana boats are among the most exciting for family safaris.

Further inland boat safaris offers something different for raft lovers. The fast flowing rivers are good spots for adventurous whitewater rafting safari with rapids up to Grade V, a dose that will lift your adrenaline.
Boat safaris are a good way to go bird-watching and even get you closer to hippos.

The Hidden Side of African Wildlife Safaris - Dark Safari
In the wild of the night comes out various sounds which describe what an African night is like.
Thou most national parks and reserves are under the jurisdiction to limit safari game drives to daylight hours, there are private reserves and isolated bush camps that offer night drives mostly in the late afternoon for an hour or two. After Dark Safari in Amboseli National Park
The night opens a new world of elusive creatures, nocturnal hunters which are hard to spot during the day.
It starts when you leave your lodge in your game drive van; closely paying attention as the lights brightens the grounds as you move in deeper the scene begins to unfold as you come across carnivores such as the leopard, civets, gents and servals.
Among other creatures that can be spotted include twitchy-nosed elephant shrews and bug-eyed bush babies.
Around water pools, the hippo can be spotted grazing on land. For those who have balconies in their lodge or viewing points looking towards the water, one can look out for flashing fireflies, geckoes and chameleons. A nocturnal bird such as the Verreaux’s eagle-owl.

On-foot Safari for Good Wildlife PhotographyWalking Safaris
Despite nature in African wildlife safaris having dangerous wildlife, this is no excuse not to have the most exciting way to see the wildlife and come into contact with some of the tropical forests though on foot safari. Private reserves are favorable for on foot safaris as they expose a wealth of sensory stimuli- sounds, smells and physical texture that are lost within the confines of a tour van.
Along side with a knowledgeable guide the appreciation of the intricacies and minutiae of the bush, weather it is the traditional medicinal of trees, the opportunity to identify otherwise inconspicuous birds and butterflies, the gigantic spider webs that hang from the branches or series of S-shaped ripples left by undulating snake on sandy soils.
Still on foot safari one can spot impala, zebra, buffalo, giraffe and gazelle and even the odd large predator. From the raised wooden walkways constructed to view wildlife without attracting their attention, one can take close wildlife photography as they graze on the grass.

Golf in Kenya
Kenya stands out as a perfect golf destination for some of the most renowned golf players thanks to its colonial history and the Kenya golf pioneers who professionally-engineered the green well tended courses.

Endowed with long sunny days in most parts of the year, golf in Kenya has been rewarding visitors with over 40 golf narod golf holiday,narod golf vacations,kenya golf tours,cheap golf itineraries, around the country, popular clubhouses, wildlife, bird-watching safaris and beach holidays, the perfect setting for a golf holiday vacation. Some of the well known golf courses include the Windsor Golf and Country Club, Karen Golf and Country Club, Muthaiga Golf Club and the oldest golf course in Kenya, the Royal National Golf Club. Beach holidays along the Kenyan coast line can to be enjoyed in the Leisure Golf Course and the Nyali Golf and Country Club.

In the past years, the Kenya Golf Union which was established in 1928 has been organizing tournaments throughout the year. Some of the tournaments organized include the Kenya Open won by Robert Dinwiddle 272(-12) in the Year 2010, the Tusker Kenya Open won by Gary Boyd 271(-13) in the Year 2009, the Kenya Open in 2004, the Sammer Kenya Open in 2002, the Tusker Kenya Open in 2001 among others.

Accessing the golf courses on a golf holiday tour is hassle free. Thanks to the well developed infrastructure and luxury hotels located several minutes away. Something noticeably is that most golf courses are at an altitude of over 1,500 m (5,000 ft) giving an additional 10 per cent yardage to a golfer’s stroke.

Booking a golf safari packages is one way of getting all reservations ready without you having to do it yourself. The packages are inclusive of accommodation, green fees, game drives and transportation. Those traveling for beach holidays with their family have a chance to play at the Leisure Golf Course and the Nyali Golf Course and Country Club.

Get a golf holiday package itinerary

Fishing on a Holiday Safari
The best spot to go for game-fishing safari either as a group safari or a private safari is in the rich deep waters which are available Fishing Safari off the East African coast. This is a suitable safari activity for those who love fishing in deep waters. There are permitted fishermen who go deep-fishing for game fish such as marlin, yellowfin tuna, sailfish, shark, swordfish, barracuda and dorado which are catch on a tag and release system.
Fishing safari has two seasons, the first is the yellowfin tuna season that last from August to October, and the marlin season usually between December and March. The Lake Victoria also offers good fishing safaris where one can catch game fish such as the Nile perch.

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