About Us

Narod Safaris Kenya is a safari company founded to bring you a wildlife experience that you have always wished for. Kenya is endorsed with National Parks and Reserves with wildlife attractions and sandy beaches suitable for summers holidays. We have setup a team of tour guides and tour drivers equipped,informed and ready with knowledge about Kenya's flora and fauna, history and everyday life ready to pass it over to anyone who is after fun, education, photography, business or even holiday.

An added advantage is the availability of different dialect speaking guides available to provide information in your own language giving you information without missing any detail thus making your safari experience more interactive, informative as well as comprehensive like never before.

The capability to tailor safari itineraries and travel programs to suite your budget is a key factor that Narod Safaris has considerably improved meaning that students, families, business men, adventurers, beach lover,groups, archeologist, ethnologist ,ornithologist, corporates, golfers and missionaries can all year round plan their travel plans with us and never feel any financial pinch.

We listen to you, advise you and help you attain your travel goals with on-time services and immediate responses. Travel as if you were taking a walk in the park with Narod Safaris.

Our Vision:
To elevate tourism to the next level

Our Mission:
To appreciate nature and to facilitate the world to experience it first hand while traveling